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THIS IS A Fantasy ITEM!!!! No such original ever existed.

1858 Cheyennne Hotel Old West Bordello Token

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1858 Cheyennne Hotel Old West Bordello Token
1858 Cheyennne Hotel Old West Bordello Token
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Obverse - (All is hand engravel) HOTEL EL DORADO H&B (Hotel & Bar) Cheyenne Market Street 1858

Reverse - Service at all hours - Good for 1 hour (Prostitute name is hand stamped) ALICE - One Quick Date

Half Dollar Size - Hard Zinc - Good Condition

Back in 1858 in the cattle railroad town of Cheyenne, Wyoming, there worked a painted lady as the prostitutes of that era were called in the Old West. Her name was Alice and she was just one of a dozen or more working girls at the Cheyenne Hotel. Alice was very well known because she was indeed a hot-pants who did her very best to please every trail cowboy that paid to spend an hour in her room with her. When little hot-pants Alice was done with these cowpokes, they would leave the hotel yodeling all the way back to Texas.