Slave Tags, Slave Hire Badges.

If YOU are interested in collecting SLAVERY tokens, Slave Tags, Anti-Slavery Tokens or medals, etc., please let me know YOUR interests via e-mail me at We stock a wide variety of Slavery medallic items. We occasionally have Slavery paper items and restraints. We also offer other BLACK HISTORY items, such as a Colored Troop Civil War Dog Tag (sold!), medals and tokens featuring blacks, etc. We do NOT offer Slavery images, autographs, manuscripts, clothing or post-Civil War artifacts (except tokens and medals), Sorry!

Slave Tags:
GENUINE Slave Tags - Slave Hire Badges:

These are all genuine, original Charleston Slave Tags, or Slave Hire Badges. This is NOT a complete census of known Tags. There are over 60 Tags known to exist in public museums. Tags exist in variations not listed here, such as double-stamped Tags, pieces with the silversmith name on the obverse instead of the reverse, minor line-arrangement differences, those with and without "No." before the number, etc. If you have a Tag, please send a clear image, with size in millimeters.

FREEDMAN SLAVE Tags are believed to be issued ca. 1790, but no documentation has been discovered to prove any exact date. All are rare. The first Slave Tag, the only FREE Tag, "City of Charleston", engraved number, and "Free" on Liberty cap on pole, uniface, oval, top holed.

Free Slave Tags
Free Slave Tag #33: In the collection of the American Numismatic Society, previously sold in the Lyman Low 8th coin auction of 10 June, 1885, for $2.10. At some time, in the Martin Jacobowitz collection, then to the ANS.
Free Slave Tag #156: In the collection of the Charleston Museum.
A fake FREE Slave Tag.

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