Slave Tags, Slave Hire Badges For Sale.

If YOU are interested in collecting SLAVERY tokens, Slave Tags, Anti-Slavery Tokens or medals, etc., please let me know YOUR interests via e-mail me at We stock a wide variety of Slavery medallic items. We occasionally have Slavery paper items and restraints.

This is partial listing of genuine Slave Tags currently available for sale.

It is assumed that all persons viewing this page have already purchased the BOOKLET on Slave Tags. Buy the booklet at $25/postpaid. The occupations offered below are SERVANT and PORTER, which are the most common of these rare items. At this time, I do not have other occupations (write if you are seeking specific ones). However, I have almost concluded a deal for a Fruiterer.

Slave Tags:
GENUINE Slave Tags - Slave Hire Badges:

These are all genuine, original Charleston Slave Tags, or Slave Hire Badges. These Tags are offered on a first-come, first served basis, and are subject to prior sale. To make this offering fair, the first person is the first person to CALL ME to reserve a selected item (be sure to leave a message if I'm not in!). Sorry, so far I do not have a 'shopping cart' system.

GUARANTEE: All Tags come with an unconditional, lifetime guarantee that they are genuine, and a 14 day full money back satisfaction guarantee, including your return postage via registered mail. We recommend you send in your Tag to the ANAAB for authentication and to obtain a photo certificate.

TERMS: Money order or cashier's check preferred. Sorry, I am unable to accept credit cards for these Tags at this time (maybe later). Personal checks accepted, but will be held until funds clear.

Shipping: All items are POSTPAID via registered mail to the U.S. and Canada.

NOTES: Except as mentioned, all Tags are originally dug up, have minor to major pitting, dings, scratches, bumps, uneveness to the planchet, etc. These were worn by slaves daily, got dinged up in the course of wearing, were lost in the dirt, often were bent and later flatened, some with scratches, etc. Perfect Tags are exceedingly rare (see 1832 Tag). Collectors seeking a Tag should understand that these are USED, often WELL USED, and such imperfections should be considered part of the charm and history of the Tag. MOST Tags will have some repair work to them, which does not lower the value. Bends and other problems are repaired, and this actually increases the value.

Images: All images are obviously of the Tag for sale. All images are close to relative size (see sizes in millimeters). All images have been enhanced to show contrast and detail. Due to various monitors, colors may appear slightly different from the actual item.

Prices: All prices are firm for 90 days, as I have several hundred people who have expressed interest in Slave Tags. I have attempted to price these at somewhat under full retail. Genuine Slave Tags are rare, and I expect the first few pieces will sell rapidly. It has taken me 14 years to accumulate this many Tags, it will probably take 14 days to sell them! If you are seriously interested in a genuine Slave Tag, please call today to reserve your Tag.

Original Slave Tags.

1854 Servant Slave Tag

1854 Servant # 1589

Fairly clear SERVANT Tag, with all lettering fairly sharp, except first digit in date (Note! Other 1854 dated Tags also have first-digit weak dates). Original green patina, somewhat mottled. Flat, very slight bend just above date. Diamond shaped, 55x55mm. Pointed edges, not clipped as are others. Not as visible from a distance as those below. Photo shows it to be more brown than to the eye.

1849 Slave Tag

1841 Servant #1499

Clear and bold SERVANT Tag, with lettering sharp and bold, except first letter in "Charleston" and first few letters of "Servant", still fully readable. Very clear from a distance, darker than image shows, quite readable and sharp. First digit in "1499" was struck so hard it went through. Date is in nice toothed border. Some uneveness to planchet, but fairly flat, some dings and scratches from wear, minor corrosion. A choice, better than average Tag. Diamond shaped, corners clipped, 62x64mm.

1857 Porter Slave Tag

1857 Porter #896

Choice and nicely struck, quite visible PORTER Tag, with all lettering clear. Very sharp and clear from a distance, tops of "Charleston" a bit weak, but still quite strong. Possibly cleaned many years ago, a nice light brown patina. Minor uneveness, fairly flat (shadows on picture should be ignored). Diamond shaped, corners clipped, 50x50mm.

1832 Slave Tag

1832 Servant No. 194

SUPER CHOICE UN-DUG Slave Tag, purchased directly from the family. Totally original, VERY NICE and clear, all lettering sharp and visible from a distance. Our LARGEST Tag. Date in very nice, highly ornate border. With "No" in front of serial number. Some minor green patina mostly on reverse, some dirt in letters (should be removable by an expert, and the dirt around the first letters of "Servant" does not appear as bad as in the picture!). The finest Tag I've ever owned. Diamond shaped, corners clipped, 68x69mm. Choice light brown patina. Sorry, I asked, and the family had no records on the slave. Comes with very old black ribbon (poor, tattered), with small Maltese cross and top silver ring (possibly not contemporary, but if so, very, very rare).

Deal pending, subject to prior sale.
  Charleston Neck Slave Tag

A very rare Tag from the only other town that issued Tags. A suburb of Charleston. Only a very few Tags are known to exist from the Neck. A Servant Tag, with some bends expertly straightened. Rare.
price and photo on request

Other Tags: I have one Tag available at $2150 that has a minor problem, but is fully intact. Please be sure to stop back to check on new listings (hit 'refresh' to get the latest copy). All our genunine Tags will be in the $2500-4000 and up range. Tags available elsewhere for under $2000 are quite often fake or fantasy pieces (especially on internet auctions, such as eBay and Yahoo). If you are buying from a stranger, and they won't offer a lifetime guarantee and have no references, you are likely to be buying junk. Buy with confidence!

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