Genealogy Research: Complete List of Fraternal Organizations: M-Z.

A complete listing of all secret society, fraternal organizations and fraternal orders with abbreviations; with slogans and mottoes. For ease in genealogy research and attributing exonumia with initials only. Complete list of acronyms and abbreviations of societies and fraternal groups.

This is Part TWO: Letters M to Z.
Link to Part One: A-L.

If you COLLECT items from any of these groups, please write; I have exonumia for sale. Thanks! Exonumia defined.

This is a complete listing of all known groups. If you find any exonumia with unlisted initials, please let me know. This is a fairly exhaustive listing, listing all those groups who issued exonumia items, but does not list all known 'Greek' societies, nor does it list the many other groups who have not issued exonumia.

Further RESEARCH: If you are seeking additional information send
email to, see links at the bottom of this page, or send $20 to me in advance , and I will research them further. I cannot guarantee any results, nor do I guarantee the accuracy or completeness of the reply. This is NOT my primary business and I am unable to do any research for free, sorry! Most of these groups no longer exist. For information and addresses of current groups, check with your local library for a book on fraternal organizations. Try: Gale's Acronyms and Initialisms Dictionary or Schmidt Fraternal Organizations.


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FRATERNAL SWORDS: Issuers preceded by an asterisk are known to have issued swords, and probably other exonumia. Imported swords were marked with the country of origin after 1893. Generic fraternal swords without initials could have been used by several different groups. See the links at end of this page.

NOTE: This is a LIST of ALL KNOWN societies, fraternal groups and similar organizations, including many no longer politically correct. Sorry if you don't like some of the groups, but do not bother me about it, this is JUST a list, not a recommendation or approval of any group!

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Fraternal Orders, Secret Societies, Fraternal Organizations, etc.

AAA Historical Americana
World Exonumia.
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Listing of Fraternal Orders, Secret Societies, Fraternal Organizations, etc.
Including some slogans, some with information.

* Items preceeded by asterisk are known to have issued swords (and probably other exonumia).

** I am marking these groups with a double star, to denote that exonumia is known from this group. If you have exonumia from non-marked issuers, please advise.

-BA: In some organizations this suffix stands for Benefit Association (a group that collects money from members for distribution to deceased member's family).

PART TWO: Letters M to Z. Part I: A-L

MoA Maids of Athens (changed to Maids of Athena, also see Sons of Pericles)
MAFO Modern American Fraternal Order
MB Mystic Brothers (Independent Order of Mystic Brothers)
MBA Modern Brotherhood of America
MBARTE Mutual Benefit Association of Rail Transportation Employees, Inc.
MBS Mutual Benefit Society.
MBSCC Maine Boys Sweet Corn Club. **
MCBA Master Car Builders Association (Held annual conventions in Atlantic City). Pin seen *
MCEILT (sometimes read as MCEOILT) Seen on a 1863 token with eagle on cannon, flag reverse. WANTED TO BUY! *
MCFA Michigan Cock Fanciers Association. **
MCOF Massachusetts Catholic Order of Foresters.
Median Temple of the Mystic Shrine. Shriners/Masonic Wichita KS ** token seen: Tut-Ankh-Amen
MENSA An international high-intellect society; a triple meaning in Latin of mind, table, month, which suggests a monthly meeting of great minds around a table.
Link (** members wear small yellow round pin)
MMAS Messenian Mutual Aid Society, Peabody MA, 1921 ** mirror seen
MFC Masonic Fraternal Congress. **
MGGS Mutual Guild of Grand Secretaries
MHPD Assn. of Ohio. Unknown - (** Badge reported, possibly P. D. = Painters & Decorators)
MIAFA 'My Interests Are For America' (KKK slogan)
Midway Chapter 256 R.A.M. Masonic Penny. Probably Chicago IL ** Penny seen
Military Order of the Cootie Honor Society for VFW.
MIOB Magnanimous and Invincible Order of Blackmen ** No longer functioning. See LOL.
MKBO Mystic Knights of the Blue Ox, of Bayfield WI **
MKFL Modern Knights Fidelity League
MKSP Modern Knights of St. Paul
MLA Masonic Life Association
MLCA Marine Corps League Auxiliary ** patch seen.
Mennonite Mutual Aid Association (Anabaptist congregation )
MMSA Mineral Mine Smelters Association
MOAA Military Officers Association of America
MOC Modern Order of Chaldeans
MOC Military Order of the Cootie, the honor degree of the Veterans of Foreign Wars
* MOLLUS Military Order of the Loyal Legion of the United States.
Link **Badge seen
MOOW Military Order of the World War (See: AOGW). ** Badge reported.
MOP Modern Order of Praetorians
MOPH Military Order of the Purple Heart. For those who received the Purple Heart.
MOS Mechanical Order of the Sun
MOS Military Order of the Serpent (Spanish-American War veterans, secret society)
MOSOA Unknown ** Token owned: Municipal Auditorium June 20th, 1936
MOS&B Military Order of the Stars and Bars (see SCV)
MOVPER Mystic Order of Veiled Prophets of the Enchnated Realm (a.k.a. the Grotto; Supreme Council of Grottoes of North America; Masonic) **
MPA Miner's Protective Association Association (owned and operated by the Mine Owners in the Cripple Creek Area, Colo. This organization had to approve you for work, else you could not be employed in the mines).
MPMO Motion Picture Machine Operators
MPPM Missouri Paw Paw Militia (Paw Paws)
MR Modern Romans
MRA Masonic Relief Association
* MRA Royal Arcanum
Link **
MR-A Moral Re-Armament
MS Modern Samaritans
MS Mystic Seven
MS Mystic Star (Order of the Mystic Star)
MSA Masonic Service Association.
MSMV Medical Society of the Missouir Valley. **
MTA Mosaic Templars of America
MUNA or MUofNA: Manchester Unity of North America (of the Independent Order of Oddfellows, 1810-1904) ** (pin reported)
MVA Mexican Veterans Association (U.S.-Mexican War of 1846-48) **
* MWA Modern Woodmen of America
Link **
* MWAF Modern Woodmen of American Foresters
MWF Modern Woodmen Foresters (uniformed contingent of Modern Woodmen of America)
Link Also listed as MWFA (Modern Woodmen Foresters of America). **(Parade ax and belt plates seen)
MWW Mystic Workers of the World
MYF Methodist Youth Fellowship
NAACP National Association for the Advancement of Colored People **
NABA North American Benefit Association
NAH National Association of Haymakers
NASA North American Swiss Alliance
NASA Norwegian American Seaman's Association. **
NATB National Association of Tunerbunds (German-American Society) **
NAU North American Union (later renamed North American Union Life Assurance Society)
Navy Club Ship 1, Rockford IL ** token exists
NBS National Benefit Society
NCSF National Catholic Society of Foresters
ND National Defenders
NDGW Native Daughters of the Golden West
NEA National Education Association
NEA New Era Association.
NEFMC New England Fat Men's Club. **
NELPS New England Loyal Publication Society
NEOP New England Order of Protection ** Badge seen
NF National Fraternity
NFC National Federated Craft (Masonic)
NFCA National Fraternal Congress of America
NFL National Fraternal League
NFSD National Fraternal Society of the Deaf
NFU National Fraternal Union
NG National Guard
NGA National Guard Association. **
NGDA National Grain Dealers Association. **
NHA National Haymaker's Association.
NHA National Hay Association. **
NHG National Home Guard(s) **
* NHVG New Haven Veteran Grays (initials on hilt of sword)
NIRDC National Indian Runner Duck Club **
NJSF Unknown. ** Pin seen.
NL or USNL US Navy League ** pin seen
NLMC National League of Masonic Clubs
NMB National Mutual Benefit
NOA National Order of America
NOAC National Organization of Alley Cats **
NOB New Order Builders
NOCR National Order of Cowboy Rangers
NOK New Order of Knights (KKK)
North Star Lodge No. 168 A.F. & A.M. Masonic Lodge, Wichita, KS
NOTR National Order of Trench Rats Secret fraternal and honor society limited to those who show their devotion to the DAV. Founded 1924. ** Badge owned, with rat
NOV National Order of Videttes (a.k.a. Order of Thirteen)
NOW Neighbors of Woodcraft
NPB&EA National Poultry, Butter and Egg Association. **
National Protective Life Association
NRA National Recovery Administration (Depression-era federal agency. Initials and emblem often misidentified as National Rifle Association or other civilian organization.) **
NRA National Rifle Association **
NS, NSI National Sojourners, Inc.
NSA National Secretaries Association (B&L: Better Living, Better Learning, Better Letters) **
NSAofA Norwegian Singers Association of America ** 1940 Rockford badge owned
NSBA North Star Benefit Association
NSCDA National Society of the Colonial Dames of America
NSDAC National Society Daughters of the American Colonists
NSDAR National Society Daughters of American Revolution
NSGW Native Sons of the Golden West **
NSPWA National Society of Patriotic Women of America. **Badge seen
NSS National Slovak Society of the U.S.A.
NSSUP National Society Sons of Utah Pioneers
NTCM National Travelers Club for Masons
NTW ** (Loyalty League pinback button seen)
NUAS National Union Assurance Society
NUL National Union League
NUTS National Utah Token Society
NWDA National Wholesale Druggists' Association: They builded better than they knew. ** pin owned.
NWLA: UNKNOWN! **(Seen: A four-lobed gilt/plated brass badge with the initials N. W . L. A. in spaces between four hands. The hands clasp a circle enclosing the word UNION. Above each hand is a banner with the name of a state: IOWA, MINNESOTA, NORTH DAKOTA, and SOUTH DAKOTA)
NWLH Northwestern Legion of Honor
OA, O of A Order of Aegis
OA, O of A Order of Ahepa
OA, O of A Order of Alfredians
OA, O of A Order of Alhambra
OA, O of A Order of Amaranth (Masonic)
OA, O of A Order of Americus
OA, O of A Order of Amitie
OA, O of A Order of the Arrow (Boy Scouts) **
OAC, O of AC Order of American Cincinnatus
OAFC Order of the American Fraternal Circle
OAK Order of American Knights
OAO Order of Ancient Oaks
OAPN, OA-P-N Order of Anti-Poke-Noses
OAT Order of Artistic Typists **(pin seen)
OAU Order of the American Union
OB, O of B Order of Bananas
OB, O of B Order of the Bath of the U.S.A.
OB, O of B Order of Bugs
OB, O of B Order of the Builders (Masonic youth; also seen as OOB)
OBA Orange Benevolent Association
OBA Order of B'rith Abraham
OC Optimist Club **
OC Order of Camels
OCF Order of Chosen Friends
OCFU Order of the Continental Fraternal Union
OCJS Order of the Constellation of Junior Stars (Order of Eastern Star youth)
OCR Order of Confederate Rose
OD, O of D Order of Desoms (also seen as OOD)
OD Order of Druids **
OD Order of DeMolay (Masonic boys)
ODHS Des Schwestern Verbandes (Sisters of the Federation)
ODM Order of De Molay (Masonic)
ODS Order of the Daughters of Scotia
ODS Order of the Daughters of Scotland
OE, O of E Order of Equity (also seen as OOE)
O of F Order of Foresters. **
OES Order of the Eastern Star (Masonic) **
* OFDI Ordine Figli D'Italia, or Order Sons of Italy
* OG (O over G, on the hilt of a sword): Unknown
OGC Order of the Golden Chain
OGC Order of the Golden Circle
OGK Order of the Golden Key
OGL Order of the Golden Links
OGR Order of the Golden Rod
OGT Order of Good Templars
OGT Order of Good Times
OH, O of H Order of Heptasophs
OH, O of H Order of Homebuilders
OHB Order of Home Builders
OHD Order of Houn' Dawgs (Founded in Cabool, MO, c. 1912. Lodges called 'Kennels.')
OI , O of I Order of Iroquois
OIA ( OOIA - OofIA) Order (of) Independant Americans. The medals look like those of the JrOUAM but there is an open Bible instead of the arm and hammer laying on the Square and Compass. **
* OIAL Order Independent American Legion (initials on hilt)
OIH Order of (the) Iron Hall, fraternal relief fund society. *(certificate for membership reported)
* OKF Order of the Knights of Friendship
OKM Order of Knight Masons
OLG Probably: Order of Lady Glade. Female branch of the Buffaloes. ** Jewels reported.
OLRS, OLRSH Order of the Little Red Schoolhouse (or ...School House)
OMBA Occidental Mutual Benefit Association
OMC Oblong Masonic Club: Probably Oblong IL Oblong Masonic Lodge No 644. ** Badge owned, with ribbon: "Oblong Masonic Club".
OMP Order of Mutual Protection
OMS Order of the Mystic Star
One Country, One Flag, One Language: Slogan of the KKK **
OO, O of O Order of Orioles (usually seen as FOO)
OOB Order of the Builders
OOC Order of Calanthe
OOD Order of Desoms
OOE Order of Equity
OOF Order of Odd Fellows (usually seen as IOOF)
OOHP Oriental Order of Humility and Perfection: Odd Fellows Shriner-like side order. All orders merged into the Ancient Mystical Order of Samaritans in 1924. ** Badge owned: Perfection (Jewel of Perfection) with Xerxes on pyramid.
OOO Order of Owls
OOYD, OYD Order of Yellow Dogs (also seen as Improved Order of...)
OP, O of P Order of Pente
OPG Order of Pink Goats
OPH Order of the Patrons of Husbandry (Grange)
OR, OoR Order of Rameses - Paroah, Council of Gizeh ** (Medal seen, dated 1930)
ORC Order of Railroad Conductors **
ORC Order of the Red Cross (York Rite, Commandery)
ORM Order of Red Men **
ORP Order of Royal Purple (also ROoP Royal Order of Purple) (Elks auxiliary in Canada)
ORT Order of Railroad Telegraphers **
OS, O of S Order of Sparta ** pin seen
OS, O of S Order of the Square
OSA Order of the Sons of America
OSA Orthodox Society of America
OSB Order of the Shepherds of Bethlehem
OSC Order of Scottish Clans
OSE Order of the Star in the East. Theosophical Society. Active in the US and other countries from around 1912-1929. A common badge was a small sterling silver star.
OSH Order of the Shield of Honor
OSI, OSIA Order of the Sons of Italy (in America)
OSL Order of the Sons of Liberty
OSLRR, OSL RR: Oregon Shortline Railroad
OSM Order of the Secret Monitor (Brotherhood of David and Jonathan)
OSSB Order of the Star Spangled Banner
OSSG Order of the Sons of St. George
OTK Order of the True Kindred (or Brotherhood of David and Jonathan)
OT, O of T Order of Thirteen
OTO, O:.T:.O:. Ordo Templi Orientis ('Order of the Templars of the East')
OTr Order of the Trapezoid, which is a chivilraic Order within the TOS.
OTT Old Time Telegraphers. **
OU, O of U Order of Order of Unity
* OUA Order of United Americans, Started in 1843 as a patriotic organization, reformed in 1896 as a patriotic and beneficial society in Pennsylvania.
* OUAM Order of United American Mechanics **
OUCTA Order of United Commercial Travelers of America
OUF-OofUF Order of United Friends
OWSJ Order of the White Shrine of Jerusalem
OYB Orange Young Britons (See Loyal Orange Lodge) ** Ribbons reported
OYD Order of Yellow Dogs (also seen as Improved Order of... IOYD)
PA Philanthropic Assembly
PA of NE Unknown. ** Pin seen
PAA Pancretan Association of America
PAM Protective Association of Masons ** (tag reported)
PAP Purity, Aid, and Progress (Moose)
PAPB Protestand Association of Prentice Boys (See Loyal Orange Lodge) ** Ribbons reported
PAUCA Providence Association of Ukrainian Catholics in America
Pax Aut Bellum 'Peace or War' - Uniform Rank (motto)
PBA Polish Beneficial Association
PBA Police Benevolent Association
PB&S of L Progressive Brothers & Sisters of Light: African American order (Insurance benefit society?), formerly affiliated with or derived from UB&SofL. ** 2" disk: Springfield Lodge No 14 PB&S of Light, Flippen GA. seen.
PBU Presbyterian Beneficial Union
* PC Patriarchal Circle. Sword reported.
PCA Patriarchal Circle of America
PCP Past Chief Patriarch, See: Patriarchs Militant, subgroup of Odd Fellows **(bronze medal reported with PCP with dangling triangle, altar, urn, sheperd's crooks)
PCSS Pacific Coast Numismatic Society (medals issued)
PCU Portuguese Continental Union of the U.S.A.
PEO P.E.O. Sisterhood ( ''Protect Each Other"). Female-only group devoted to good works; my ex- was a member. The husbands are known as BIL, Brothers in Love, or Brothers-in-Law. ** Star-shaped pins with "PEO" in the center exist, but are rare, as the group actively attempts to retrieve them when members die or leave. They exist in gold.
Perry Lodge 350 F. & A.M. Masonic Perry, MI. ** Token seen 1970
Perry Chapter 221 O.E.S. Perry, MI. **
PF Pilgrim Fathers, United Order of
PFA Pioneer Fraternal Association
PFA Polish Falcons of America
PFA Presidential Families of America, established 1995, a hereditary lineage society for direct descendents of Presidents.
PFIA Police and Firemen's Insurance Association
PFO Pioneer Fraternal Order
PG Pink Goats (a.k.a. Order of Pink Goats)
PGA Professional Golfers Association
PH, P of H Patrons of Husbandry (a.k.a. the Grange; sheaf of wheat)
Link **
PHA Peter Hauck Association (Harrison, NJ) **
PHC Protected Home Circle ** PHC - LRNU pin seen
PHES, PHGCES Prince Hall (Grand Chapter of the) Eastern Star
PHF Prince Hall Freemasonry (African-American)
PIA Perfect Initiates of Asia
PKA Protestant Knights of America
PLM Unknown ** pin owned: Court of Honor
PLEF Pythian Sisters, an independent auxiliary of the Knights of Pythias.
Purity is the stage reached through honorable motive, action and thought and should be a goal we seek to attain.
Love represents service, guidance, trust and tolerance. Through Love we are bound together as a band of Sisters.
Equality requires sharing with each Sister all rights and responsibilites. As Pythian Sisters we work together for the good of all.
Fidelity means being faithful, steadfast and loyal to God and to each other.
* PM Patriarchs Militant (and a lilly) (Subgroup of Independent Order of Odd Fellows): Odd Fellows Patriarchs Militant (c.1882-1884). (Justitia Universalis - Paxaut Bellum)
PMA Progressive Miners Assoication
PMC Past Master Councilor (Order of DeMolay)
PNA Polish National Alliance
PNNA Pacific Northwest Numismatic Association
PNU Polish National Union
PO with an Elkhead: BPOE
POA Patriotic Order of Americans
POF Pennsylvania Order of Foresters
POG Provincial Old Guard ** lapel pin seen.
POS Priory of Sion
* POSA, POS of A Patriotic Order of the Sons of America **
PPBA Portuguese Protective & Benevolent Association
PPOSW Patriotic & Protective Order of the Stags of the World
PPP Prudent Patricians of Pompeii of the U.S.A.
PRCUA Polish Roman Catholic Union of America
PS Philalethes Society
PS Pythian Sisters (a.k.a. Supreme Temple Order of Pythian Sisters)
PS, PS of A Princes of Syracuse (a.k.a. Junior Order of the Princes of Syracuse; Knights of Pythias youth organization)
PSCU Pennsylvania Slovak Catholic Union
PSW Pythian Sisters of the World
PTA Parents and Teachers Association. **
PTU Peace Trust Unity: Secret society ca. 1900.
PUA Polish Union of America
PUL Philadelphia Union League
PWAA Polish Women's Alliance of America
PWLPF Permanent Wild Life Protection Fund. The Hornaday Conservation Award. Boy Scout Award. ** Badge owned
QA Quarrymen's Association (a.k.a. International Cut Stone Quarrymen's Association)
QCI Quota Club International (business & professional women) **
QS, QSS Quill & Scroll Society
QUESTERS (antiques organization)
RA Rebekah Assemblies
RA Royal Ambassadors
* RA Royal Arcanum, a fraternal benefit life insurance company founded in Massachusetts in 1877. ** pins exist
RAA Rakoczi Aid Association
* RAM Royal Arch Masons (York Rite)
RAOA Railway Accounting Officer's Association: Apparently in existence from 1888 until it merged with various other railroad organizations to form the following on October 12, 1934: AAR - Association of American Railroads ** (watch fob seen)
RAOB Royal Antediluvian Order of Buffalo
RAPC Royal Arch Purple Chapter ** See Loyal Orange Lodge (LOL) ** Ribbons reported
RB Rochester Brotherhood
RBAI Royal Black Association of Ireland ** No longer functioning. See LOL.
RBO Russian Brotherhood Organization of the U.S.A.
RBP Royal Black Preceptory See Loyal Orange Lodge (LOL) ** Ribbons reported
RBS Royal Benefit Society
RC Red Cross
RCC, RC of C Red Cross of Constantine.
* IHSV Red Cross of Constantine (Masonic)
RCK Red Cross Knights
RCMP Royal Candian Mounted Police
**RCU Roman Catholic Union, formed in Baltimore in 1879 as an introveted social group by four churches. ** Sword reported: RCU Knights of St. John.
RE Red Eagles
REOF Royal & Exalted Order of Fleas
RF Rosicrucian Fraternity (a.k.a. Fraternitas Rosae Crucis)
RFB Royal Fellows of Bagdad (liquor salesmen; not related to Bagmen of Bagdad)
RG Rainbow Girls (also seen as Rainbow for Girls, Masonic)
RG Rune-Gild is a school of esoteric knowledge based on the Odian system of the Runes.
Link **
RH Royal Highlanders
RI Rotary International **
RIMAS Russian Independent Mutual Aid Society
* RK Roman Knights (The Brotherhood of the Rosy Cross)
RM Red Men (Also: Chieftains League, ca. 1885)
RMBI Royal Masonic Institution for Boys (England) **
RMBI Royal Masonic Benevelant Instution (Canada)
RMOKH-RMOKHJ Religious & Military Order of the Knights of the Holy Sepulchre (of Jerusalem)
RN, RNA Royal Neighbors of America
RO Rosicrucian Order (a.k.a. AMORC)
RO-AUM Rosicrucian Order
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ROCMAS Russian Orthodox Catholic Mutual Aid Society
ROCWMAS Russian Orthodox Catholic Women's Mutual Aid Society
ROJ Royal Order of Jesters - Masonic (with chapters for each city; Rockford is #69). **
Billiken Squadron - Members of ROJ who are pilots or members of combat air crews.
ROL or ROOL Royal Order of Lions ** (pin reported)
ROOP Royal Order of Purple
ROORAGS Royal Order of the Red Ass Goose (WWII military social group, Midway Navy, patch reported) **
ROS Royal Order of Scotland ** patch seen
RP Royal Purple (Order of Royal Purple)
RRRR Royal Riders of the Red Robe (KKK-like organization for naturalized Americans)
RSC Royal Scarlet Chapter (See Loyal Orange Lodge) ** Ribbons reported
RSGF Royal Society of Good Fellows
RSM Royal and Select Masters (Masonic: York Rite) ** Badges exist
* RSM (intertwined initials on hilt of sword) (same as above?)
RSMA Railway Supply Manufacturers Association ** Pin reported.
* RStV, RSvV Rite of St. Vaclava (RSvV on hilt of sword)
* RStV Rite of St. Vitus
RSW Rathbone Sisters of the World
RT Round Table
* RT of T (initials on hilt)
RTJ Royal Tribe of Joseph
RTT Royal Templars of Temperance
RWB, RW&B Red, White & Blue (late 19th/early 20th century 'patriotic' Organization; anti-Catholic)
RWBA Rockford Women's Bowling Association (Illinois) ** Pin seen
SA, S of A Sons of Abraham
SA, S of A Sons of Adam
SAA Slovak Athletic Association
Sad Sacks Honor Society for the AmVets
SAF Scandinavian American Fraternity
SAL Sons of the American Legion
Salamanca Chapter 266 R.A.M. Masonic. Little Valley, NY ** Penny seen
* SAR Sons of the American Revolution (also NSAR: National SAR)
SAS St. Ambrogio Society (Rockford, IL)
SAS St.Andrews Society (Canada). **
SAWV Spanish American War Veterans. **
SB Sons of Benjamin
SB Star of Bethlehem
SB Spartan Band
SB of A (Trohet) Skandinaviska Brodraforbundet of Amerika / Scandinavian Brotherhood of America **
* SBCL Saint Boniface Catholic Union
SBF Society of Blue Friars (correspondence-based fraternal order)
* SBL Society B. Lafayette, General Lafayette.
SBOA Slovakian Brotherhood of America **
SBS ** Freja ribbon Rockford IL seen
SCA Society for Creative Anachronisms.
SCAW Supreme Camp of the American Woodmen
SCS Slovak Catholic Sokol (gymnastic/fitness and fraternal organization)
SCS Slavonic Catholic Society (also seen as SKS)
SCTK Supreme Conclave of True Kindred (Masonic related)
* SCV-SoCV Sons of Confederate Veterans
Link **
SCV Sons of Confederate Veterans
SDA, SDANA Shrine Directors Association of North America
SDL Sons & Daughters of Liberty ** Grave marker reported.
SDP Sons & Daughters of Protection
SEC Supreme Emblem Club of the U.S.A.
SES, SESSC Society Espirito Santo of the State of California
SFA Scandinavian Fraternity of America
SFLIS Sloga Fraternal Life Insurance Society (Slovenian)
SFWC Supreme Forest Woodmen Circle
Sunshine Girls (Pythian Sisters youth organization)
SGUS Slovak Gymnastic Union Sokol of the U.S.A.
SH, S of H Sons of Hermann (also: Order of the Sons of Hermann) Texas Hermann Sons
SI, S of I Sons of Italy
SKA Silver Knights of America (bimetallism organization)
* SKoA Select Knights of America
SKS Slavonic Catholic Society
SKOIHTHW (Masonic Mark Jewel of 1785 reported on the web) **
Skulls Order of the Skull and Bones
SL Sons of Liberty
SL Sexennial League (investment society; name refers to 6-year membership term)
SLTV St. Louis Turn Verein.
SM, S of M Sons of Malta
SMAA Scandinavian Mutual Aid Association
SMB Societa di Mutuo Beneficio/Beneficienza (Italian-American Mutal Benefit Society)
SMBA Slovenian Mutual Benefit Association. A fraternal benefit life insurance society founded in 1910, in 1966 it became the American Mutual Life Insurance Association.
SMC Pin seen, two men shaking hands, quill & flag.
SMOC Supreme Mechanical Order of the Sun
SMOM Sovereign Military Order of Malta or, The Military and Hospitaller Order of St. John of Jerusalem (generally known as the Order of Malta).
SMOTJ Sovereign Military Order of the Temple of Jerusalem, Knights Templar.
SMS Societa di Mutuo Soccorso (Italian-American Mutal Benefit Society)
SN, S of N Sons of Norway (also seen as SON) **
SNA Shrine of North America (Masonic)
SNBS Slovene National Benefit Society
SNCC Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee
SNF Serb National Federation
SNPJ Slovene National Benefit Society (originally Slovenska Narodna Podporna Jednota)
SOB Society of Bearded Numistmatists: Fun organization, issued buttons and awards, now defunct. ** pinback owned.
SoB Society of the Bell. A (possibly) secret society of very high businessmen.
Socio Hispano Hispanic-American Alliance **
SOHK Supreme Order of the Hidden Key. Motto: Vita Adfectio Est (Life is a State of Mind) * pin seen
SOKOL Sokol U.S.A. (Slovak gymnastic/fitness & fraternal organization)
SSON Sons of Norway SOFN
SS R&B Contest: Sunday School Red & Blue Contest ** pinback buttons owned
Social Order of the Beauceant (Christian women's organization; members are wives & widows of Knights Templar)
SOP Sons of Pericles
SOTB The Sacred Order of Twilight Brothers ** sash and badge seen
S of SG Sons of St. George/Sons of Saint George. ** Honi Soit Qui Mal Y Pense.
SOSJ Sovereign Order of St. John of Jerusalem (also seen as OSJ)
SOV Sons of Veterans. **
SOWR Supreme Order of White Rabbits (founded by ex-members of OOO)
SP, S of P Sons of Pericles
SP, S of P Sons of Poland
SPEBSQSA Society for the Preservation & Encouragement of Barbershop Quartet Singing in America ** Patch seen, other items reported. Changed 2008 to Barbershop Harmony Society (BHS)
Spes Mea in Deo Est 32nd degree Mason (motto)
SPAA St. Patrick's Alliance of America
SPCSCPG Society for the Prevention of Calling Sleeping-Car Porters "George"
SPJST Slovanska Podporujici Jednota Statu Texas (Slavonic Benevolent Order of the State of Texas)
SPRSI Sociedade Portuguesa Rainha Santa Isabel (Portuguese Society of Queen St. Isabel)
SR Societas Rosicrusiana (England)
SRA, SRANA Shrine Recorders Association of North America
SRA States' Rights Association
SRBOBRAN-SLOGA: SRPSKI PRAVOSLAUM SAVEZ SRBOBRAN (founded in 1901) and SAVEZ SJEDINJENIH SRBA-SLOGA (founded in 1909) both merged in 1921 to become: SRBOBRAN-SLOGA, which in 1929 merged with SAVEZ SLOBODA forming the SERB NATIONAL FEDERATION.
SRCF Societas Rosicruciana in Civitatibus Foederatis (Masonic related)
SRCFW Supreme Royal Circle of Friends of the World. ** Token seen
SSAL Sunday School Athletic League, active in NY area ca. 1900.
SS-LL-KD (pairs of letters at corners of triangle, with RB in center) Search the Scriptures; Live the Life; Know the Doctrine - Rochester Brotherhood
SSS: S.S.S. & Brotherhood of the Z.Z.R.R.Z.Z. (Theosophy related)
SSSS Sveas Soner Singing Society, Sveas Soner Swedish Singing Society, Svea Music Hall (Rockford, IL: tokens exist, WANTED!) **
ST Sons of Temperance
STOL: This site copy righted by R/Hart zog.
STOPS Supreme Temple Order of Pythian Sisters
SUI Society of United Irishmen
* SUV Sons of Union Veterans (descendants of Union veterans of the Civil War) **
* SUVCW Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War
* SV Sons of Veterans **
SW, S of W See PPOSW.
SYMWA/SYMWAO Spend Your Money With Americans/Only (KKK slogan) **
TBH Tribe Ben Hur
TBP & DA - Texas Unknown ** cello pin owned, 1901
TC Triangle Club (a.k.a. The Triangle; related to Socialist Labor Party of the 19th century)
Tall Cedars of Lebanon (of North America) (Masonic)
The Danish Sisterhood
(Masonic) **
TF, T of F
Temple of Fraternity (occult order; unrelated to Knights Templar)
* TH, T of H
Temple of Honor (Independent Order of Odd Fellows)
Templars of Honor and Temperance
True Kindred
Templar Knights of the Ku Klux Klan
TL, T of L
Templars of Liberty ( late 19th/early 20th century 'patriotic' organization; anti-Catholic)
Temple of Honor and Temperance (IOOF)
TMA ** (T-M-A Lodge 50, 5 cent token reported)
** (T.M.A. Twentieth Biennial Convention Minneapolis, Minn. July 12th, 1909 Badge Seen)**
Tile & Mantel Contractors Association of America Founded in 1903. In 1936, renamed Tile Contractors Association of America. ** (badge/drop seen)
The Milwaukee Electric Railroad and Light Companies ** (See CSNS Fall 2009 article by Fred Borgman on gold medal). Renamed the Wisconsin Electric Power Company in 1938 (WEP).
Thelemic Order of the Golden Dawn (Order of the T.·.G.·.D.·.)(see HOGD)
Temple of Set, also often TS, which is an international initiatory organization
Third Order of St. Francis (pin seen: Deus Meus et Omnia: My God My All)
Totem of the Eagle (Red Men) **
Travelers Protective Association of America **
True Reformers (See GUOTR.)
Theta Rho Clubs (Rebekah Assemblies youth organization)
* TRSM Reported on a sword, not seen.
Theosophical Society
Link Emblem Link
True Sisters (See UOTS.)
(Are you a turtle?)
TURTLES Truly Understanding Responsible Trusting Loyal Electricians Society: secret group helps members when they have legal trouble or need to hide from the law. Extremely secretive.
UA, U of A
United Americans (Order of United Americans)
United American Mechanics **
United Ancient Order of Druids
Link **
UB of C and J of A.
United Brotherhood of Carpenters & Joiners of America. Badge owned with logo: "Labor Omnia Vincit" over Compass.
United Brothers of Friendship (African-American)
UB&S of L:
United Brothers and Sisters of Light. See: PB&SofL
Union Club
Union Congressional Committee
Universal Craftsmen Council of Engineers (Masonic engineers)
United Commercial Travelers (of America) **
United Confederate Veterans (Civil War) **
United Daughters of the Confederacy **
United Friars (a.k.a. Fraternity of United Friars)
Ukrainian Fraternal Association
UFFUs A secret society in Walla Walla Co, WA, known as the U.F.F.Us, whose purpose was a mystery, which used to parade with torches and did mysterious things, prior to 1918, perhaps ca. 1860's. Perhaps related to the Vigilantes.
UFL Union Fraternal League
United Friends of Michigan
United Irishmen (a.k.a. Society of United Irishmen)
Reported to be: United Junior Order of the Ancient Sacred Phoenix. ** Silver medal reported, engraved to Finsbury Unity Juv. Lge 158, etc.
United Klans of America (KKK) **
UL Union League
ULA Union League of America
ULK Union League of Kentucky
ULNY Union League of NY
ULT Union League of TN
UMWA United Mine Workers of America **
Ukrainian National Association - UNA-YHC same in Ukrainian ** pin seen
Ukrainian National Aid Association (of America)
United National Life Insurance Society (Portuguese Americans)
Union National Party Committee
Union Orange
United Order of Americans
United Order of Foresters
United Order of the Golden Cross
[United Order of ?] Independent Odd Ladies, a forerunner of the Daughters of Rebekah.
United Order of Pilgrim Fathers ** (brass shell, dated 1620-1879 seen).
United Order of True Sisters (Jewish women's organization)
UPA (UP of A)
United Patriots of America
Unai Portuguesa do Estado da California (Portuguese Union of the State of California: Azores fraternal)
Union of Polish Women (in America)
Uniform Rank (Knights of Pythias, ca. 1877)
URCL & PW of A
United Rubber, Coal, Linoleum and Plastic Workers of America ** (union dues pinbacks seen)
United States Army **
Utah State Agricultural College
United States Air Force **
USJB Union Saint-Jean Baptiste (U.S. Catholics of French descent)
Unknown ** Aug. 4 1934 pin owned.
United States Marine Corps **
United States Navy **
United Societies of the United States (Greek Catholic organization).
US of A
United Steelworkers of America. **
Union of Stone Pavers, Sidewalk Layers and Curbsetters.
United State Military Telegraph Corps.
United Spanish War Veterans **
UT, U.T.:
Utah Territory **
United Typothetae of America (now Printing Industries of America), est. in Chicago, Oct. 18, 1887, as an organization for master printers. **(fobs and badges, seen a ca. 1905-10 U. T. of A. watch fob made by Whitehead & Hoag. with Latin motto on the banner: Insigne Typographorum ex Dono Fred. Imp. Rom. ó "Emblem of the Typographers, a gift of the [Holy] Roman Emperor Frederick")
United Transportation Union Insurance Association (railroad workers)
Union Veterans League. **
Union Veteran Legion (not the same as above) **
Union Veterans Union of Louisville.
Ukrainian Workingmen's Association
Verhovay Aid Association
Vera Amicitia Sempiterna (name/motto of late 19th century fraternal benefit society; Latin for, 'True friendship is eternal.')
Verhovay Fraternal Insurance Association (formerly VAA)
Veterans of Foreign Wars **
Veterans of Future Wars (c. 1930's college men's organization)
VGA of A Unknown ** Ladies Aux. pin owned
YMBCSC Young Men's Bible Class & Social Club. Presbyterian group active in Decatur, IL. Chicago enameled pin seen. *
VMC Royal Arcanum
Vasa Order of America (Swedish)
VFW Veterans of Foreign Wars **
VVA Vietnam Veterans of America
* UCV United Confederate Veterans (Civil War) **
UKA United Klans of America (KKK) **
UO Union Orange
* VFW Veterans of Foreign Wars **
WA Women's Auxiliary
Wide Awakes (political)
Western Bees (founded by ex-Knights of Maccabees)
Woman's Benefit Association (also seen as Women's...)
Unknown Gravestone marked reported "No. 37", in Baintertown Cemetery, New Paris, IN.
Workmen's Benefit Fund of the U.S.A.
Western Bohemian Fraternal Association (now WFLA) (ZCBJ) Czech fraternal insurance benefit society, in 1971 became WFLA ** pin exists
Western Retail Lumber Association **
Woodmen Circle (ladies' auxiliary of WOW)
Workmen's Circle (Jewish)
World Congress of Families ** Badge owned
Women's Christian Temperance Union **
Western Catholic Union
World Educators (Large group) **
White Eagle Club
Wisconsin Electric Power Co. **(See TMER&L)
World Federalist Association.
Western Fruit Jobbers. **
WFM Western Federation of Miners **
Western Fraternal Life Association
Women of the KKK **
White Knights of the Southern Cross (KKK)
Women's Missionary Society
Women's Missionary Union
Women of the Moose **
Woodmen of the World
Link (Also: WOW Soldiers of Woodcraft) **
Woodmen of the World Life Insurance Society
William Penn Association
World Plan Executive Council (Transcendental Meditation)
Women's Relief Corps (GAR Auxiliary). **
Woodmen Rangers Rangerettes (youth organization of the Woodmen of the World Life Insurance Society
Western Samaritans
Western Slavonic Association
Women's Society of Christian Service
Western Samaritans Life Association
(unknown) **[Seen: pin with man with his arm in a sling wearing a cavalry type hat, cross below]
(Mystic Order of the Veiled Prophet Zal-Grotto No. 62) Moline, IL ** token seen 1965
(dentists' professional fraternity; established 1889)
(Forestry honorary organization; established 1908)
Xavier Society for the Blind (Catholic related)
Ye Ancient Order of Corks (Members are Royal Arch Masons; lodges are ''Cellars.')
Young Ladies Mutual Improvement Association
Young Men's Co-op
Young Men's Christian Association **
Young Mens Mutual Improvement Association
York Rite Sovereign College (Masonic)
Young Women's Christian Association **
ZPRK (unknown) **
Western Bohemian Fraternal Association: founded in 1897 as a Czech fraternal insurance benefit society. In 1971 it became the Western Fraternal Life Association. Over 50K members in 1990, with about 200 local chapters. HQ in Cedar Rapids, IA.
Zion Co-Operative Mercantiel Institute (Utah, Morman) **
Zonta International (business and professional women)
Polish National Alliance / Zwiazek Narodowy Polski. Polish fraternal organization. (shield divided in 3 fields: Red with White Eagle, Blue with Knight, White with archangel) ** Badge owned: "Czlonek" in center, or "Member"
Zelta Omega Gamma: original name, ca 1970's. Also LuvZog.
40 & 8 - Forty and Eight
(La Societe des quarante Hommes et Huit Chevaux)(The Society of the Forty Men and Eight Horses). Honor society of the American Legion. **

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The 1900s IRONS & RUSSELL Fraternal Emblems catalog. Free eBook or read on-line.


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