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A complete listing of SWORDS issued by secret society, fraternal organizations and fraternal orders with abbreviations; with slogans and mottos. For ease in attributing SWORDS with initials only.

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Imported swords were marked with the country of origin after 1893. Generic fraternal swords without initials could have been used by several different groups. SPATHOLOGY is the study of swords.

MOST Fraternal swords are Masonic (and related, Knights Templar, etc.), IOOF, and Knights of Pythias.

I do NOT have ANY further information on these swords. I CANNOT help you research your sword further, sorry. I am NOT an expert on swords.

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Listing of sword issuing Fraternal Orders, Secret Societies, Fraternal Organizations, etc.
Including some slogans, some with information.

American Legion of Honor
American Order of Foresters
Ancient Order of Hibernians
Ancient Order of the Knights of the Mystic Chain, rituals were based on the legend of the Knights of the Round Table
Ancient Order of United Workmen (Also: Select Knights of Ancient Order of United Workmen)
* APA American Protective Association
Brotherhood of American Yeomen: A secret benefit society founded in 1897, revolved around Sir Walter Scott's novel "Ivanhoe".
* BK
Commandery Benevolent Knights Association (BK initials on hilt)
Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks
* BPOEW Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks of the World
* BU
Brotherhood of the Union (claimed to be KKK forerunner, but NOT confirmed, and doubtful)
Brotherhood of the Union
Commandery Benevolent Knights Association
Crusaders Catholic Total Abstinence Society
* CK of A, CKA
Catholic Knights of America
* CK of W, CKW
Catholic Knights of Wisconsin Made by Henderson-Ames (1893-1923), Insurance Co. Milwaukee.
Catholic Order of Forester
Catholic Total Abstinence Society (initials on hilt)
* DZ Knights Templar: Prince of Jerusalem (DZ and scales on Hilt)
* EBA Emerald Benefit Association or Emerald Beneficial Association
* FCB Friendship, Charity, and Benevolence (Knights of Pythias)
* FOE Fraternal Order of Eagles
* FOOLS Fraternal Order of Leatherheads Society.
* GALA StPt German Americna Legion of St. Peter
* GALStPTR German American Legion of St. Peter
Grand Army of the Republic
* GC of AL
(on scabbard of sword)
* GL
Guardians of Liberty, an anti-Catholic organization founded about 1911.
Grand United Order of Odd Fellows, the Black IOOF.
* IHSV Red Cross of Constantine (Masonic)
Independent Order of Foresters
Independent Order of Immaculates of the United States of America. An African-American fraternal order started in 1872.
Independent Order of Knights of Pythias
Independent Order of Odd Fellows
Link Link
King David
* IOOF King Saul
Improved Order of Red Men
Independent Order of Svithiod (Swedish-American fraternal benefit society, founded 1881)
Independent Sons of Honor.
* JCKG (initials on sword hilt)
* JOUAM, JROUAM Junior Order of United American Mechanics
* KAEO Knights of the Ancient Essenic Order. ** Swords reported.
* KC, K of C, KofC Knights of Columbus
* KC Knights of the Cross
* KF Knights of Friendship
* KFM, K of FM Knights of Father Matthew
* KG Knights of St. George (also abbreviated as KStG)
* KGE Knights of the Golden Eagle (organized into Castles or Commanderies), from 1873, and still active. A Masonic order of the same name has been reported to exist. However, a Masonic expert disputes that the KGE has any Masonic connection. Evidently the known KGE swords are not Masonic. A report of a sword states "Horstmann Bros". **
* KGL Knight Grand Legion (initials intertwined on scabbard)
* KH, K of H Knights of Honor, a fraternal beneficiary society founded about 1877.
* KHC Knights of the Holy Cross
* KKK Ku Klux Klan. Some of the terms associated with the KKK include: Knights of the Invisible Empire, Order of Citizenship, Knights Kamellia, and Knights of the Midnight Mystery, Klectokon, Klonverse, Klavery, Klarago, Klexter, Klaverns, Klancraft, Klonklaves, Imperial Wizard, Exalted Cyclops, Imperial Klaliff, Grand Klaliff, Imperial Klokard, Imperial Kludd, Imperial Kligrapp, Imperial Klabee, Imperial Klarago, Imperial Klonsel, Imperial Night Hawk, etc. Yes, I buy and sell all types of KKK collectibles, as well as Nazi material; NO, I don't believe in or support the KKK/Nazis, and don't bother writing me about this listing. This is a LISTING, not support!
* KKKK Knights of Ku Klux Klan
* KL, K of L Knights of Loyola
* KM, K of M Knights of the Maccabees (also abbreviated as KOTM)
* KM, K of M Knights of Malta (Masonic: York Rite Commandery, KT)
* KM Knights Militant (KKK)
* KMC Knights of the Mystic Chain
* KOTM Knights of the Maccabees (of the world)
* KP, K of P Knights of Pythias
* KPC Knights of Peter Claver, founded in 1909 for Black Catholic men.
* KSC Knights of St. Columcille (Maybe better known as St. Columba. A.k.a. Colm, Columbkille, Colmcille, and Colum).
* KSF Knights of Sherwood Forest (Forester's, ca. 1887)
* KSJ, K of St.J Knights of St. John
* KG, K of G Knights of the Globe, fraternal benefit group founded in Chicago in 1889. Swords reported, but may be Knights of St. George.
* KSL Knights of St. Lorenz
* KStA Knights of St. Augustine
* KStB Knights of St. B.
* KStD Knights of St. D
* KStE Knights of St. Edward
* KStG Knights of St. George
* KStI or StI Knights of St. Ignatius
* KStJ Knights of St. John - Apostle of Love
* KStJ Knights of St. Joseph
* KStL Knights of St. Lawrence
* KStL Knights of St. Louis
* KStM Knights of St. Martin
* K of StP Knights of St. Patrick
* KStP Knights of St. Paul
* KStP Knights of St. Peter (K St P on hilt of sword)
* KStS Knights of St. S (initials on hilt of sword)
* KStT Knights of St. Thomas
* KStV Knights of St. Vincent
* K of StW Knights of St. Wenceslas
* KT, K of T Knights of Tabor
* KT Knights Templar (Masonic: York Rite Commandery)
Link (Knights Templar consists of three involved degrees: Knights of the Red Cross, Knight Templar, Knight of Malta). I have been told that the KT logo was an upright cross prior to ca. 1910, and a slanted cross after. Can you confirm this?
* KT Knights Templar: Mounted Commandery Sabre
* KT Knights Templar: Order of Constantine (Head has 3 Clubs)
* KT Knights Templar: Prince of Jerusalem (DZ and scales on Hilt)
* KT Knights Templar: Rose Croix
* KT Knights Templar: 18 Degree
* KT Knights Templar: Consistory, Oriental Consistory
* KT Knights Templar: Tyler
* KWM Knights of Wise Men
* LKA, LK of A Loyal Knights of America
* LOM Legion of the Moose, Loyal Order of Moose
* MOLLUS Military Order of the Loyal Legion of the United States
* MRA Royal Arcanum
* MWA Modern Woodmen of America
* MWAF Modern Woodmen of American Foresters
* NHVG New Haven Veteran Grays (initials on hilt of sword)
* OFDI Ordine Figli D'Italia, or Order Sons of Italy
* OG (O over G, on the hilt of a sword): Unknown
* OIAL Order Independent American Legion (initials on hilt)
* OKF Order of the Knights of Friendship (initials with crescent)
* OUA Order of United Americans, Started in 1843 as a patriotic organization, reformed in 1896 as a patriotic and beneficial society in Pennsylvania.
* OUAM Order of United American Mechanics
* PC Patriarchal Circle. Sword reported.
* PM Patriarchs Militant (and a lilly) (Independent Order of Odd Fellows): Odd Fellows Patriarchs Militant (c.1882-1884).
* POSA, POS of A Patriotic Order of the Sons of America
* RAM Royal Arch Masons (York Rite)
* IHSV Red Cross of Constantine (Masonic)
* RA Royal Arcanum, a fraternal benefit life insurance company founded in Massachusetts in 1877.
**RCU Roman Catholic Union, formed in Baltimore in 1879 as an introveted social group by four churches. ** Sword reported: RCU Knights of St. John.
* RK Roman Knights (The Brotherhood of the Rosy Cross)
* RSM (intertwined initials on hilt)
* RStV, RSvV Rite of St. Vaclava
* RStV Rite of St. Vitus
* RT of T (initials on hilt)
* SA Sons of America (initials not on swassord, see Ames catalog)
* SAR Sons of the American Revolution (also NSAR: National SAR)
* SBCL Saint Boniface Catholic Union or St. Bonifazius Catholic Union
* SBL Society B. Lafayette, General Lafayette
* SCV-SoCV Sons of Confederate Veterans
* SKoA Select Knights of America
* SUV Sons of Union Veterans (descendants of Union veterans of the Civil War)
* SV Sons of Veterans (SV on hilt of sword)
* SWM (on hilt of sword, see Ames Catalog)
* TH, T of H Temple of Honor (Independent Order of Odd Fellows)
* TRSM Reported, not seen.
* UAM United American Mechanics ( "The Henderson Ames Co." )
* UAOD United Ancient Order of Druids
* UCV United Confederate Veterans (Civil War)
* VFW Veterans of Foreign Wars
* WOW Woodmen of the World
Link (Also: WOW Soldiers of Woodcraft)

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