Where am I?

Thanks for your interest in SELLING EXONUMIA
and MODERN MINT items !

THANKS for contacting me to SELL exonumia: Tokens, medals, buttons, badges, World's Fair, Political, Historical Americana, FRANKLIN MINT, Danbury Mint and other Modern Mint issues, Coins/paper-money and other small collectibles.

I am generally happy to meet with you to BUY all collectibles. I do not have a store, but we can meet at:

Rockford Coin & Stamp
On Center Terrace at Alpine Road (4403 Center Terr)
Rockford IL 61108

Alpine Road is a major 4-lane north/south road in Rockford. Center Terrace goes WEST ONLY from Alpine, just one block, one stoplight north of the intersection of Alpine and Broadway/Newburg roads. The large Colonial Village Shopping center is on the northeast corner of that intersection. The middle of the CV exits to Center Terrace, which turns into Charles St. in a few blocks. Rockford Coin is on the south side of the street, about 100 feet from the intersection of Center Terrace & Alpine Road. A one-story brick building, the only building for blocks on the south side of Center Terr.

Yahoo Map NOTE: Yahoo shows west Charles St. ending into Alpine. The last few blocks of Charles are now called Center Terr., for some strange reason! You might want to view the Yahoo map, expand it out to see where you are, and print a copy for your travel.

If you are coming from out of town, contact me in advance for an appointment. BE SURE to call or email a day or two PRIOR to your arrival to confirm, and to remind me! When you get to town, stop and call me, and I will meet you. I'm about 30 minutes from Rockford Coin, so if you call me when you get to the edge of Rockford, we will arrive about the same time.

I want to BUY! I am seriously interested in BUYING. I'm not in business to give free appraisals, particularly in someone else's shop! I have to pay to use the shop, which is not a problem. But, if you want appraisals, I do charge for them: $30 minimum, with other fees to be determined.

I buy LOTS of stuff! I have a FOUR PAGE highly detailed letter listing topics of items I'm seeking. I am pleased to mail this to you, FREE. Just email your name/address to me, and I'll send it out. If you ask for this, I do NOT retain your name/address. If you are traveling to sell, you might as well bring LOTS of stuff: I buy all sorts of items, other than tokens/medals/etc. I buy quality, I buy junk, I buy small, I buy large. BUT, I'm not generally interested in items too big to ship. Send for my list, and if you have any questions, PLEASE send me an email. I want to buy your stuff!

THANKS for contacting me. I try to pay a reasonable wholesale price, fair to you and a price that allows me to make a reasonable profit. I've been buying TONS (literally!) of stuff, and I end up buying about 99% of the stuff people send me. So, I know I pay fair prices. But, if you have prices in mind, please don't play games with me, just let me know what you need to get. I'll write you a quick check, and we will both be happy. AND, my bank is just up on Alpine and State, so you can cash the check before you leave town!

We can do business!

EXITS from I-90 Tollway:

If you are coming from Chicago, take the first Rockford exit, the US-20 bypass to Freeport and points west. Then take Alpine Road north, the first exit after the I-39 intersection. If coming from the south, I-39 dead ends into the US-20 bypass, then go west to the Alpine Rd exit. If coming from the north on I-90, take the last Rockford exit, after the State St. exit, which is the US-20 bypass exit. Or, you can exit on State St. west and save the toll at the US-20 bypass; State St is a major east/west road, which will intersect with Alpine Rd (a major traffic light, about 3 miles in, AFTER Rockford College on the right/north), then go south to Broadway/Newburg. Any other questions, please write.

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Rich Hartzog
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POB 4143CPA - Rockford IL 61110-0643
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