H.S. Snow - Pickle Crock
  Snow's Rockford Pickle Works
Spring Garden Pickle Works
ca. 4600 North Second St, Loves Park IL

Hiram Phillip Snow issued a large crock to hold his pickles.

Edwin Lee Snow, Tempe AZ - not sure if related.

  In 1881 Hiram Snow moved to Rockford and purchased 106 acres in Section 12 of Rockford/Loves Park. He opened a pickle business Spring Garden Pickle Works and later named Snow's Rockford Pickle Works. The plant was located in what is now the 4600 block of North Second Street on the west side. The front part of the plant was two stories tall and made of brick. The plant also had a wooden water tower and a single-story storage building. In 1903 Hiram's son, Junious C. Snow, took over the business and added the "J.C. Snow" sign.

see: IMAGES of AMERICA: Loves Park, by Craig G. Campbell.

  Hiram Snow planted beds of cucumbers, built a processing factory, ice house, barn and a family residence. He hired boys in the fall to harvest the cucumbers.

He produced sweet and dill pickles in 600 bushel vats, and when cured would ship them by wagon and later by the Rockford Interurban Railway. The pickles became quite popular and business boomed for many years.

Hiram and Naomi Snow had ten children. His son Junius (Centennial Snow) was born July 4, 1876. In early 1903 Hiram turned the factory over to Junius only 4 weeks before he died on May 17, 1903. During World War 1 sugar became expensive and difficult to obtain due to war rationing. After the war, sugar prices skyrocketed, forcing closure in 1922.

After dissolving the pickle works, Junius Snow formed a real estate project at the family homestead on North Second St., calling it Snow's Arlington subdivision. Many streets in the area reflect the family, including Snow Ave., Junius St., Arlington St. and Ransom Pl (named after the Ransom Sanitarium, just south of the pickle works). All are on the west side of N. 2nd, basically behind Chen's.

The plant burned to the ground Oct. 26, 1933. The area was known as Snow's Crossing, and more recently as The Curve, after the Curve Fishing & Marine store, just north of the railroad tracks at the entrance to Loves Park. The Snow house was at 4722 N Second St, now home to Chen's Cantonese Chef restaurant. The pickle plant was next to the home.

Mrs. Lillian Snow, 4714 Illinois St, Loves Park IL
1903-1995 2/18/1903 - 2/24/1995
Mrs. Lillian E. Snow died 2/24/1995 leaving a million dollar estate, mostly to the First Luthern Church in Haight Village.

In the 1940 census she was married to H Phil Snow, and living with a 4 year old neice Sue Jorldena Anderson at 4714 Selinvis St., Loves Park.

See www.rockfordreminisce.com/rockford_industries_1.html
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