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BUYING all Modern Mint issues, including Franklin Mint®, Danbury Mint, American Heritage, Wittnauer Mint and other issues. BUYING medals, tokens, silver bars ingots, gaming tokens, silver plates, ceramic plates, figurines, spoons, bowls, etc. --- I BUY it ALL.

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Shipping Information for Large Sets

I am MOST interested in purchasing all modern Franklin Mint® and other bronze, silver and gold private mint singles, sets, and other collectibles (including official coins, medals, ingots, plates, bronzes, sculpture, spoons and any other limited edition issues) in any quantity. Please ship full or partial sets for my top offer.

Please see FRANKLIN MINT Sample Prices Paid

If you have a LARGE SET in a WOOD CASE, please follow these simple instructions for shipping. If you ship a heavy set of medals/ingots/bars in a wood case with pull-out display trays/frames, the weight of the medals will break the wood case! Please pack carefully so your set will arrive in good condition. I want NICE items, my customers want NICE items, I pay MORE for NICE items, thanks!

1. If you have the original shipping box, please use it.
2. If you don't have the original box, get a sturdy box reasonably bigger than the case. Pad the bottom and sides with well-crumpled newspaper or foam, to prevent damage during transit. There should be 2" to 4" around all sides, from the edge of the wood case to the inside of the transit box.
3. If your Large Set consists of several trays or frames of multiple medals, REMOVE the tray/frames from the wood case, put a sheet of cardboard between each one, and wrap them all TIGHTLY together with newspaper and strong tape. This will prevent the medals from breaking free of the trays/frames during transit, and bouncing around inside the box. Loose items WILL bang together and get scratched up. If you wrap the layers of trays/frames with newspaper and then with tape, the newspaper will prevent the tape from sticking to the wood or medals.
4. Either put the bound trays/frames inside the wood box with lots of padding, or mail in TWO boxes: One box for the heavy trays/frames with the medals, and another box for the wood case, along with any books/literature/etc.

Please remember the Post Office or UPS WILL drop your box, probably several times, and WILL tilt it on edge, or even upside-down. If you tilt your box and hear medals banging together, it will only get worse in transit!

PLEASE Ship to my Post Office Box at bottom of the page. For UPS shipment, please see UPS.

History of the United States - 200 medals
Generally these come in 10 slide-out frames in a wooden case. If you ship as-is, the weight of the frames will break the case. Remove as described above, and ship in two boxes.

50 Bank Ingots
If you have the original molded plastic cover, include it over the ingots along with the original felt pad, or use a piece of cardboard cut-to-fit. Wrap the wood case with a couple of sheets of newspaper, and then TIGHTLY wrap the center with strong tape. The tape will prevent the case from opening and scattering the ingots, and the newspaper will prevent the tape from marring the wood case.

Ceramic or Pewter Figurines
When shipping any easily broken item, such as ceramic, glass or pewter items or figurines, please use the original custom shipping boxes. If you don't have the boxes, put one, two or three items WELL-wrapped in bubble-wrap in a small box, and then put several small boxes in a larger shipping box. To protect items in transit, each item must be wrapped in two or more layers of bubble wrap. If you don't have bubble wrap, use white or kraft paper, NOT newsprint, as the ink from the newsprint will attach to the surface of ceramic figurines. Items WILL shift in transit. Broken, bent, chipped or otherwised damaged items have ZERO value to me, sorry!

Ceramic Plates
Please ship in original foam shipping boxes, with original certificates for maximum value. If you don't have the box, put one or two layers of bubble wrap between plates, and put 5-10 plates in a smaller box, inside the outer shipping box. Plates without original boxes or without original certificates are worth less than plates with such.

If you want to SELL similar items, one piece, a collection or a hoard of 10000 or more of the same item, PLEASE Write (AND INCLUDE a S.A.S.E.) or e-mail me today. Please SHIP your material for our top offer by return mail. Quality and Quantity are always wanted. CONSIGNMENTS are invited to our quality mail bid sales. Mail Order Only.
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